Welcome to our leadership consulting

When you want to invest in leaders or teams, my priority is to understand how the leader or team needs to contribute from a functional perspective based on your strategy and performance priorities. We then align our plan and approach with the cultural values and norms, along with vital leadership qualities you desire



Organizational Leadership

Organizational Leadership & Development Consulting. 

With the business environment becoming global, complex and rapidly changing, organizations and companies will need new business models, strategies, and systems to compete effectively and efficiently in their respective fields. We are here to work with you.

Leadership for the Digital Organization

Digital Strategy 

We are in a period characterized by emerging technology breakthroughs such as artificial intelligence, robotics, the internet of things, blockchain technologies, biotechnology, nanotechnology, materials science, data science and big data, gig economy, and quantum computing. Given the confluence of these advances in technology, we would help you to develop a digital strategy for your organization 

Leadership Development

Leadership Consulting focused on Integration, Coaching and High-Performance Teams.

Critical leadership competencies including authenticity, trust-building, the exercise of power, organizational behavior, and learning to influence the work environment  through an array of leadership concepts are what we offer

Assurance of Learning

Assessment & Accreditation

Is your School in need of proper assurance of leaning protocols? Is your school planning to get AACSB Accreditation? Are you up for the AACSB Continuous Improvement Review visit and need help with your report? Talk to us

Online Teaching

Consulting on online teaching strategies

In today’s online learning environment, it can be challenging to develop a meaningful curriculum. Online learning environments come with many benefits, including the convenience and flexibility they afford to both instructors and students. They also present unique challenges. If your institution, school, or department needs to reevaluate its online programs or Professional Development for your Faculty in Online teaching Strategies, please call on us.

Nonprofit Leadership & Management

Nonprofits’ Performance Improvement

We assist nonprofits and PSOs seeking to implement processes to enhance the leadership skills of current staff. We also help organizations build strong executive teams and enhance team dynamics. And we advise foundations on how they can support talent development that flows into fields aligned with their interests. Our goal is to improve nonprofits’ performance so they can work more effectively with their program participants and other stakeholders. Contact us for  Training & Leadership Development: Board and Staff Development or Executive Coaching, Succession Planning, Human Resources & Personnel Issues  

Social Impact Advising

Tacking Wicked Problems

Social impact can take many forms and cut across nearly all industries. The most common social impact organizations include nonprofits, foundations and philanthropy, think tanks, non-governmental organizations (NGOs), and social enterprise. They also encompass social and direct service agencies, health and international development, environment and sustainability, education, advocacy, activism and more. Regardless of your preferred job function, skill set, or area of interest, we can assist you and your organization to make significant positive changes that address any number of pressing social issues.